Instagram filters

We offer an untapped opportunity for authentic digital interaction with your brand. Drive followers to your feed and let your audience spread your message for you with transformative, interactive filters to be shared through Instagram Stories.


Reach millions of people by creating fun and shareable content.


Grab attention with content that reacts to you and the world around you


Let people interact with your brand, instead of making sit through an ad

Musician Filter

Musician and a sweetheart for every pop music fan, Hassan Raheem tries out this filter specially made for him. It contains three of his most famous songs which you can change with a tap and an amazing graphic frame with a picture of the artist himself.

Fakin It

Fake it till you make it. This filter effortlessly puts makeup on your face for the daytime selfie. With a light cheek tint and smooth skin effect, it dolls you up in seconds.

Coloured Hair

Coloured hair may be a great risk but this filter helps you try out bold hair dyes and gives you the aesthetic look you’ve been wanting. With a variety of different colours that change with just a tap, this filter gives you the most colourful hair experience.

About Our Filters

AR filters have proven to be wildly effective in terms of reach and boosting brand awareness. They are quick, interactive pieces of content that allow your audience to tell a story. Because these filters are tied to a social platform, they get shared. A lot.